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Recently there was an urgent need for prayer coverage for a situation where over 300 young boys were in imminent danger. One of these boys was my grandson. A text message that said, “The dams burst. We’re being evacuated.” was received at about 5pm and was followed by two attempted calls from the same mobile. No calls could get through to the mobile. I am fortunate as I have an established prayer group here in Australia and covering three continents. I immediately contacted the prayer group and sought prayer. I tried to contact a National Prayer group here in Australia but could not find one. My grandson was able to get through to us at midnight and reassure us all was well. The remaining dam had held and had not burst. The dam was being monitored and the police were looking out for them. This web site is being started to provide a National Prayer Bank for Australia. Somewhere  you can quickly call on if you have urgent prayer needs. All you have to do is to email us and we will get the Prayer Team to pray. Just click on a Please Pray button and send us an email of your prayer request. We will respond automatically to let you know that we have received your prayer and will respond shortly after in person. We are not able to man the site 24/7 at this stage but your prayers will be attended to as soon as we can. We do not publish your prayers.  Your prayers are only passed to our Prayer Team who are selected and vetted and all prayers are treated as confidential. 
This is where you can turn to for Prayer coverage.  We are non-denominational.   Your prayers are not made public and are only passed to our prayer team.   Your prayers are confidential. Welcome Home Contact About Links
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